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Point To Point Internet

Connect & Share

Regular network connections can be joined by a physical cable of up to 300’. If you require a network to connect multiple locations that are farther than 300’, a Point To Point Internet Network is the best solution!

Point To Point Networks can connect buildings at distances under 1 mile (1.6 kms) and allow for a shared public or private network. This includes:

  • Connecting commercial buildings within a business
  • Connecting barns and outbuildings
  • Sharing internet with a neighbor to avoid installing additional personal towers

Sharing With Neighbors



A clear line of sight between buildings for smooth connection. Adding height on the secondary building may be necessary.


A good relationship with your neighbor- if ever you experience issues, you may be required to troubleshoot together!


No plans to move anytime soon. Should your neighbor ever sell their home, you may acquire a new internet buddy.

Please be aware that some tower sites cannot provide enough speed for two homes if they are sharing equipment. Additional equipment purchases may be required.


Does this mean that I will be billed for my neighbor’s internet?

No. A switch will be installed in the main hosting household to split the connections. Both households will have their own separate plans and accounts.

Will sharing internet affect my household internet speeds?
No. The split connection ensures that the two households get the speed their plan includes.
Will Queen City Communications mediate should issues occur?
No. Sharing a connection is a private agreement made between homeowners.

Commercial & Ag Networks

Connecting all buildings on a property allows for computers to be networked, reports printed, and files shared across the yard. This also allows IP cameras to be installed in all facilities and recorded on a single NVR.